Ali & Jarrad | Winter Snow Canmore Engagement Photos

I had a great time with these two (and their dog) out in Canmore for their engagement session. It was pretty perfect in Canmore, with freshly fallen snow, but it was still warm enough to walk around comfortably. I gotta say, I love snow photography. Snow lends such a pretty backdrop, and when there’s snow on the ground, it acts like a reflector, filling in shadows and making skin look really good. That makes my job as a photographer easy! We went to two locations while we were doing Canmore photography, the first was up at Quarry Lake, and the other was at the engine bridge. They were both popular spots on a Saturday afternoon; the former because it’s partially an off-leash dog park and it was the first nice day in a while. When we got to the engine bridge, there was a wedding photographer there already with a whole wedding group doing photos! We waited patiently until they had gotten through their portraits and their family photos, before we took our turn on the bridge. I think you can tell from the photos that these two are in love, and up for all kinds of silly fun in front of the camera. We ended the engagement session with a quick trip to Starbucks for some warm up beverages, and then drove back to Calgary on clear roads, on a clear day. All in all a pretty awesome afternoon. Here are a few of the photos!


  1. Thank you so much for taking our pictures Lisa. We had lots of fun too! Cant wait to see the rest of the pics and for our wedding pictures.

  2. You’re so pretty!!!… Ali, you too. 😉

    J… very impressed with all the smiles 🙂 *high five* Cant wait to see the rest!

  3. OMG…these are spectular photos…I am very impressed with the smiles Jarrad!!! Your photgrapher dis an amazing job!!! good choice…luv MOM

  4. Congratulations on your long awaited engagement. Your engagement photo’s are beautiful – just like the two of you. Can’t wait to see more…have fun with the planning…embrace every moment and Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…:)

  5. Super cute! I like the ones with the bridge in the background a lot. I can accept that it was not snowing at the time Ali, lol. Awesome shots!

  6. Ali you look amazing. Jarrad not so bad either. Miss you guys and can’t wait till the wedding. Xoxox.

  7. Beautiful!!! I love the setting and you both look amazing. You have set a very high standard for what you will have to look like on your wedding day. CONGRATULATIONS!! Love, Judy

  8. Ali and Jarrad your pictures are fantastic, looks like it was a lot of fun!!! Hope both of you are doing well!!

  9. I almost forgot what WINTER WAS like!!!!! Beautiful photos to look at when it’s 30+ here in Austral 22222222ia…

  10. Sam (aka The Father of the Bride) – She is beautiful and he is OK too I guess….cute couple for sure. I like the snowball fight action pictures – good arm Ali!

  11. Ali

    What beautiful pictures and what a beautiful young lady you are Ali. I can’t believe how grown up you are. You do remind me of your mother. Congratulations and best wishes! Love Auntie Sharon

  12. Awesome photo’s Ali and Jarrad! Although, I would have liked to have seen some flames jersey’s in there!

  13. Amazing pictures you guys, I love them!!! I’m jealous of all the nice snow you had in your pictures, haha

  14. You two look great! You both picked a very beautiful location for the photographs. I’m so excited for you both!!

  15. Love the big photo with the spruce tree background- my fav
    Also love the piggyback pic —-seen that before ……way to Go girl!!!!!

  16. Gorgeous pictures and setting. Congratulations on your engagement Ali and Jarrad. You are a beautiful couple.

  17. Beautiful pictures, what a great location too! (Ali, do you ever look like your Momma! beautiful girls – Jarrad you look pretty good yourself! smile)

  18. Congratulations on your engagement! Loved seeing your beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  19. Just like great food…some sweet,some saucy,some spicey etc… worthy of a high profile tourism magazine. Kudos to the photographer and two beautiful people!!! LOL

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