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Well, it’s definitely wedding season! For some reason I have ended up with the long weekend off coming up (not that I am complaining). However, nearly every other weekend this summer, I have a wedding to shoot. Having them one after the other like this highlights the differences between families, ceremony styles, and brides/grooms themselves. I adore weddings (what girl doesn’t?) and I also love the variety I get to see between them. Even though they can all be completely different in everything from mood to events, every wedding I have attended has always been magical. Two people in love sharing their big day with those they hold dear, in the way they best see fit.

Craig and Ashley are no exception, they had a really lovely ceremony this past Saturday. Even though it was in a big church, the obvious warmth and friendliness of the officiant, the lack of hesitation for laughter during the ceremony, the smiles of the friends and family all around — really made it a warm and fun event.

Here are a few photos from the super sunny and warm June day. The ceremony was at First Baptist Church here in Calgary, and we took photos at Central Memorial Park and Riley Park in Kensington. I was assisted by Blair of Blair Marie Photography, so many thanks to her for helping out!

Wedding in First Baptist Church, Calgary

I loooooved the bride’s bouquet, the colours and floral choices went so well together. I hope the bride and groom are having an amazing time on their honeymoon in the Caribbean!

I have quite a few engagement sessions to post photos from, stay tuned!

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