Aspire & Tracy | Calgary Wedding Photos In The Rain, Chinese Cultural Centre

You’ll notice I talk about the ever-changing Calgary weather a lot in this photography blog. When you’re an on-location shooter, weather heavily influences sessions. Sometimes in a good way that presents unique opportunities, and sometimes in a bad way that limits what you can do. Either way, we are all at the mercy of whatever the weather decides to do. And it can be difficult to find indoor photography locations in Calgary if the weather is particularly bad, especially since the Devonian Gardens are closed for renovations right now.

Saturday dawned pretty sunny, but quickly turned rainy, and then didn’t stop raining all evening. Fortunately this bride and groom allowed a lot of time between the ceremony and when they wanted to be back for the reception. We were hoping to shoot in Prince’s Island Park, but the heavy rain drove us into the Chinese Cultural Centre, which was also really cool! And once we had the chance, we dashed to Prince’s Island Park for a few shots before the rain started up again in earnest. We encountered another wedding group and their photographer there during the break in the rain (hi, whoever you were!). I wonder where they waited out the rain? Here are some sneak peeks from the day, some inside, and some in the brief times we could be outside without the bride and bridesmaids freezing:

We didn’t have much time before the rain pelted us again. Thank goodness a pair of umbrellas and bug spray are some of the things I always have with me. I think in future I may have to add towels to that. Who would have expected such a cold and rainy day in the middle of July? Sure, summer storms are common, but they usually blow over quickly. Not this time! Still, I think we all managed to make the best of it.

Thanks for a fun day, Aspire and Tracy, and warm wishes for a very happy life together!


  1. Despite the difficult conditions you did a wondeful job, I’m sure the couple will be very pleased with the photos.

  2. Beautiful couple and wonderful vivid shots! You embraced the rain and made some spectacular umbrella photos!

  3. Wow .. what a great wedding! 🙂 These shots are fantastic.. great work despite the weather conditions! Love the umbrella shots

  4. Oh wow! You did an amazing job even with the rain! Absolutely beautiful work. The last photo of the bride and groom looks lovely 🙂

  5. Lisa, these look beautiful!!! You captured so many magical moments of their day. What a way to play off of the rainy situation :)) Wonderful!

  6. What a rocking set of pictures! Rain or no rain, these capture the essence of what looks to have been a fantastic wedding day.

  7. What a cute set! The couple looks great, I love the use of the umbrellas great use of bad weather for sure.

  8. Hey, rain on a wedding day is good luck! These are WONDERFUL photos – the rainy weather really gave a nice mood to your outdoor photos, and the cultural centre photos are outstanding! What a happy looking couple =)

  9. Brilliant work! What a great job capturing the day. The couple is beautiful and the colors are amazing.

  10. Extraordinary work! You definitely worked with the weather to create a romantic feel to the photos!

  11. Great shots, Lisa! You did an awesome job. I know that Aspire and Tracy will be delighted with their photos!

  12. What fantastic work!! I love all the colors and the bride and groom look stunning. I bet they are sooooo happy with these images. Well done (again).

  13. I love these shots, they really capture the day and the couple look like they are having a wonderful time. Well done

  14. Well you did a fabulous job dispute the rain, but I secretly love rainy day weddings with great umbrella photos! The bride & groom should be so pleased with the photos – soooo colourful what a beautiful album they will make!

  15. I have a possibly rainy wedding tomorrow…if I do half a good a job as this I’d be proud!
    Wonderful memories.

  16. These are GORGEOUS! I love the use of color and texture… really captured all the details and the feeling of their special day!

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