Baby Leighton | Calgary Family Photographer

What a great day it was in Calgary today… windy, but the sun was so bright and we had wonderful, fluffy clouds floating across the sky. Yesterday was the first day of spring, which is my favourite season. Although I say that about fall when it comes around too, it’s kind of a toss-up between the two, for which I like best. This beautiful afternoon I had the pleasure of a session with a baby who was all smiles. What a happy little guy! Here’s a sneak peek of some of the photos…

Thank you all for inviting me into your home, and a super fun session!


  1. Leighton is gorgeous. What fantastic pictures of a happy family! Can’t wait to see more of my beautiful nephew (and his attractive parents!) =)

  2. Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous family. Leighton is so bright-eyed and cheerful… and it looks like his hair is finally starting to grow a little thicker!

  3. How cute is that? What a sweet little sprout! Can those big blues get any bigger or brighter? He is growing so much!!! Still looks like Daddy! Beautful family picture!

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