Banff Wedding Photography | Lexie & Craig

I love love love doing wedding photography in Banff. The views and locations are the best — how can you beat water, wilderness, and mountains? I adore both Canmore and Banff and will take pretty much any opportunity to take photos there. Wedding or otherwise! So I was really pleased when Lexie and Craig chose me to be their wedding photographer. We did their engagement photos in Calgary, but it was off to the mountains for the wedding. Both Lexie and Craig and their families were delightful to spend the day with, and had a warm and happy day of celebrating (despite the chill and wind!).

I started the day with a bit of the guys getting ready…

The guys had to look up (online) how to properly pin a boutonniere — and then did it perfectly!

The ladies got ready at another location entirely…

Lexie brought us to a location overlooking Two Jack Lake (as I recall) for wedding pictures. What a fabulous backdrop, and even though it was super cold and windy, the girls in their little dresses managed to smile through the biting wind.

And then we were photobombed by a female bighorn sheep.

I made a special little ‘Banff wedding photography request’ for us to stop at a meadow I had noticed on the way to Two Jack Lake — thought it was a great spot for some nice landscape/bride and groom pictures.

Even though it was closed for the winter (sort of… it’s just that the flowers and plants had been dug up), we went to the Cascade Gardens behind the Banff National Park Administration Building for some photos with the wedding party.

And then it was just down to myself with the bride and the groom for some last pictures at Vermillion Lakes. I was so pleased that even in late fall, there were still some colourful fall leaves on some of the trees.

Craig’s sister did an amazing job designing the details of the wedding — the signage and menus were so cute. Everything had an owl theme. Homemade jams/jellies as favours? Love it.

Owls! So cute! Toppers from etsy.

Thank you both so much for letting me be a part of your wedding day!


  1. Absolutely lovely! You have a fantastic sense of balance in all your pictures, Lisa, it’s one of my favorite things about your photos. 🙂 The bride and groom in the meadow is my favorite picture in this series, they both look very happy and the clouds are gathered around them perfectly to make them the focus of it all!

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