Bow River and Prince’s Island Park | Calgary Wedding Photography

This is my first wedding where the bride and groom were already married. Vicky and Ken hadn’t done the whole formal wear and reception when they got married, so their vow renewal was their chance to do that (plus get professional wedding photos done). We met in the afternoon, had a brief time shooting in Prince’s Island Park near Eau Claire, and then it was time for the vow renewal and reception at Q Haute Cuisine. It was a lovely day, but a bit bittersweet for Vicky and for her guests, as she was moving out of the country a few days later. Lots of tears and well-wishes from loved ones. I LOVED the details she put together, with the travel theme everything was so beautifully done. It was a beautifully intimate event filled with love and friendship — here are some of the photos!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks like such an amazing wedding! The color scheme really pops in the photos and this couple looks truly in love : ) I especially love how you captured all the little details of the big day. The plane themes is great, especially if you know the hidden meaning behind it!

  2. WOW!!! Beautiful photos. You have enhanced Vicky’s beauty to the fullest. Yes, Ken looks good too. 🙂 Great way to keep a memory of an unforgettable wedding.

  3. Beautiful pics!! if I didn’t know any better, I’d thought these were from a magazine! great shots! awesome contrast!

  4. the photos are amazing you two look great…beautiful scenery with vibrant colors simply stunning!

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