Calgary Wedding Photos | Pinebrook Golf, Reader Rock Garden

Ryan and Susan’s Calgary wedding was beautiful and we couldn’t have asked for nicer weather. Clear and sunny and warm the whole day. I think they have good weather luck, because for their engagement photos in October we also had excellent weather. Anyway, these two are a pleasure to work with, easygoing and very organized (there may have been much talk of a “schedule” and a “giant spreadsheet”). I am all for organization. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, or take more or less time than expected, but better to have a plan to fall back on than not have one at all. Aside from being organized, these two are also really great together and it wasn’t difficult to let their love shine through in their wedding pictures. Here is a small sample from their day.

They were chauffeured in a beautiful silver Bentley from Highland Executive Chauffeur out of Canmore. Talk about riding in style.

Ryan and his groomsmen had funky purple striped socks from Holt, matching all of the decor and wedding colours. I love striped socks!

After shooting some getting ready pictures both with the bride and the groom, it was time to head to the church for the ceremony. Susan, the bride was very emotional, which I think made everyone else get all choked up. It was so sweet.

And now onto the post-ceremony photos!

Thank you both for a wonderful day and a beautiful wedding I was happy to be a part of. I wish you all the best for a wonderful marriage together.


  1. The most beautiful Bride and the handsomest Groom.

    Love you both,

    Wonderful pictures, can’t hardly wait for the rest

  2. Nagyon szepek mutattok a kepeken!
    Azt azert ne felejtsuk, hogy a fenykepek soha nem tudjak visszadni a valodi latvanyt.

  3. The pictures are amazing, the Bride and the Groom are perfect! I wish you these pictures,when you will see them many years later, will bring you back the joy you two had on that special day! Beautiful!

  4. Nagyon szépek a képek. Gratulálok nektek.Még az angol királyn? is megirigyelne benneteket. 🙂

  5. Nagyon szép képek és mindketten gyönyörüek vagytok! Gratulálunk és kivánunk sok boldogágot.

  6. Such fantastic pictures!!! You guys looks so amazing, and I have give particular shout out to the awesome looking wedding party!!

  7. Örülök, hogy láthattam a csodálatos képeket, a boldog pillanatokat.Gratulálok, kívánok sok boldogságot: Ida

  8. Legyen életetek legemlékezetesebb eseménye ez a nap!!! Isten áldása kísérjen utatokon! Gyönyör?ség, amit megmutattatok magatokról!

  9. Meseautóban színezüst erd?k során
    Repülünk a szívünk tavaszán.
    Arany országút csillogó gyémánt porán
    Repülünk a mesék kocsiján.
    Fenn az égben az angyalok vigyáznak ránk
    És a sors fogja tán a volánt.
    Csupa boldogság vár ezután rád és rám
    A mesék meseszép kocsiján.

  10. Fenn az égben az angyalok vigyáznak ránk
    És a sors fogja tán a volánt.
    Csupa boldogság vár ezután rád és rám
    A mesék meseszép kocsiján…

  11. Congratulations!! Your happiness shines through your eyes and smiles. You both are so beautiful. In the last picture Susan, you look like a fairy princess who just stepped down from the sky. And the best of the two of you is in the gazebo where you almost kiss. Azt kivanjuk, hogy ezek a boldog pillanatok el kiserjenek eleteteken at. Sok, sok szeretettel!!

  12. What wonderful in the moment photos, they truly capture the magical moments of the day! I truly enjoyed looking at them and can’t wait to see the rest. Congratulations to a beautiful couple as you set out on this wonderful adventure together.

  13. Beautiful pictures! Congratulations! Wishing you infinite love and happiness!
    Thomas & Family

  14. Zsuzsi and Ryan.You looked absolutely beautiful, Zsuzsi, and very handsome, Ryan, in these photos, and at the reception. It was a pleasure to see how happy you are together!

  15. Wowee, amazing photos of a truly beautiful couple. It is a match made in heaven. Congratulations and may the spirit of that blessed day be with you through all your years together.

  16. Dear Zsuzsi and Ryan,
    Congratulations on your wedding! You are a very nice couple. I have experienced among others that the marriage was a long term process and a lot of patience an accommodation were needed. I think you have these abilities.
    Best wishes,
    Szabó Bertalan (Berci)

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