Calgary Wedding Pictures In Kensington

Justin and Nicole’s backyard wedding (at Justin’s parents home) was intimate and special. I think it’s incredibly romantic and sweet to get married in a back yard, surrounded by loved ones. Much like the ceremony these two chose, they are lovely, warm and laid-back people. It was a great wedding with which to kick off the wedding season.

We did some wedding photography in Kesington, and a few of their wedding photos at Riley Park. Specifically, the Senator Patrick Burns Memorial Rock Garden. We got honked at a lot by passing cars. I love how when people see a wedding party with their photographer, they’ll honk and wish well. No one ever seems to mind that we are blocking traffic!

Anyway, here are some of their wedding pictures, for once Calgary weather cooperated and we didn’t get rained on. Nearly… but not quite.


Thank you Nicole and Justin for inviting me to share in a great day. The reception was amazing (with delicious food) and everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves.

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