Canmore Engagement Photos – Iron Bridge

Josh and Jenn were out West, briefly, so the window for getting their engagement photos was a small one. I love heading to the mountains from Calgary for photography, since it’s really not that far. It was a gorgeous day for a drive out to Canmore and Banff! Sunshine and fluffy clouds when I met up with these two for the first time. Until it started to storm right in the middle of our session! Oh, weather. You’re so fickle.

First we went to a fantastic location, Canmore Iron Bridge. It’s an old railway train bridge that has been converted to a footpath. I had a little trouble finding it again, but we eventually got there with the help of some friendly locals, and after a little, um, “creative” parking.

And then the storm really started blowing in, in earnest…

So we took a short drive up the Trans-Canada, and took refuge at the warm and welcoming Banff Springs Hotel, to wait out the rain:

It didn’t last long, and rainbows welcomed us to Banff. I love the light around sunset after a rain. So crisp and clean!

I persuaded Josh and Jenn to go to one last photography location with me, down by the river, in Banff. It started to rain a bit, again, so after taking advantage of the lovely light for a few more shots, our engagement session was over, and I headed back to Calgary.

With such easygoing, gracious, and in love people, the wedding next year is going to be great! Looking forward to seeing both of you in 2012. Thanks so much for being so open to all of my ideas and willingly driving all over the place.


  1. hey josh and jen,

    nice pics….i’ve definitely seen cheesier ones before but i like these a lot.

    josh, not sure what a 4 like you is doing with a 10 like Jenn, but you’re right, one lucky guy!


  2. Keith who are you? They’re a gorgeous couple celebrating their love and these are beautiful pictures there’s no questioning that!

  3. You and Josh make a beautiful couple, and these photos are absolutely stunning!! These pictures are just a small taste of what is to come when you get married in the mountains next year. Can’t wait until July 7, 2012!! Dad and I are so happy for both of you!!

    Mom XOXO

  4. Hey Jenn & Josh,
    Kev and I looked at the pics. They are great.
    Traditional Alberta Mountain pictures but with a unique twist on the iron bridge.

  5. Great shots! Especially like the one that looks like your ready to square dance:)

  6. Awesome photos! Josh is quite a handsome fellow and Jenn is one very lovely lady. Together they make a terrific couple! With a backdrop of the Canadian Rockies, it just doesn’t get any better. Redfern did a great job of putting it all together. We can hardly wait for the wedding. All the best to you both.

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