Canon Lens Mug

I’ve had to postpone a couple of engagement photography and family photo sessions lately due to this unsettled (read: rainy) Calgary weather. So with the unfortunate lack of new photography to post about until the weather clears up, thought I’d blog about my new thermal mug. I figure people are going to start asking me about it anyway, as I carry it around!

One of the popular swag items of the recent Olympics in Vancouver was a promo item from Canon — a thermal mug that is designed to look like one of their lenses. I can’t think of a phrase that described the concept better, but I LOVE things that look like other things. I have a mousepad and coasters that look like persian rugs, pillows that look like big pieces of sushi, a mini papasan chair that holds my cellphone, a mini shopping cart to hold pens and pencils… okay, I like miniatures, too.

Anyway, Canon only made a limited number of these mugs as giveaways, but there was such a frenzy of demand for them that they then manufactured them in much larger numbers. My fave place to shop for equipment locally, The Camera Store let me go on the waiting list, and it arrived a few days ago! I just love it.


  1. Ha ha I love it! I also have a slight obsession with things that look like other things so I know what you mean :p

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