Confederation Park Engagement Photos

As all of my wedding clients know, an engagement session is included as part of the package for those who book me for their wedding. I am very pro-engagement photos, even though it feels like they’re still gaining popularity here in Calgary. It’s a really great chance to get used to the whole photography process and to practice in front of the camera. It’s also a good opportunity to get some nice portraits done in casual clothes.

We couldn’t have had a better day for my last engagement photo session at Confederation Park. It was busy, with skating, people walking their dogs, and just getting out to enjoy a temperate winter day. The sky was blue and the light was lovely.

Amanda and Graham and very easy subjects, and I loved the look of the frozen creek with the bridge. Winter can be pretty! Here are a few images from the session:

Very much looking forward to shooting your wedding this summer!


  1. Such sweet pictures! My fav is the one on the bike path of Graham lifting you off your feet. So sweet 🙂

  2. My babysitter is all grown up ! I love them all , I have to agree the bridge one is awesome, you will have to get a big one and put that one up in the front room 🙂 cant wait to see the rest . xoxox

  3. Awe…I think they look fantastic. I like that playful side that shines through and against the winter setting – Awesome!

  4. Mom and Dad – Doll Face you look beautiful. Love the pictures. You both look so happy. One by the bridge is our favorite.

  5. These pictures are absolutely awesome….Kate and Will, eat your heart out!
    They are so natural looking..I love the first one, oh and the second, yes and the third…I love them all. Thank you Redfern Photography for capturing their essence so well.

  6. Love these pictures of you guys. I shall recommend your photographer to anyone for their pictures. Maybe someday my own kids will require the services 🙂

  7. I love these photos! They’re amazing, I’m so happy for you both! Can’t wait to see the wedding photos.

  8. Oh my goodness. These pictures are Beautiful.
    Everything about them is Perfect !!!!

    This makes me want to do my photos over again, and again.
    Your two looked like you had so much fun.

    xoxoxoxo Tanys

  9. Awesome I love the one where you are standing in the middle of the snow holding hands

    Wow you look great! doesn’t surprise me some women just keep getting better looking I think you are one of the Amanda. Also love the pet shot as well.
    Graham you look good too !
    Can hardly wait ot see the wedding photos
    thanks for sharing these

  10. Hey Amanda! Great pics – I think it’s the first time I’ve actually seen what Graham looks like! How wrong is that?????

  11. Fantastic pics! Congratulations to you both! Thanks for sharing these photos of admiration and happiness! I am so looking forward to meeting you Amanda! Keep Enjoying!

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