Corbin | Baby’s First Birthday

Just over a year ago, I did some maternity photos for Alexis and Blaine. I was thrilled to be invited back to shoot their baby Corbin’s first birthday! We were lucky to have a sunny and warm day in their back yard, with lots of little ones. One year olds are SO CUTE. Corbin is car crazy, so the theme was adorably all race-car themed. Stop lights and flags, and even a race car cake! It was great.

It’s funny, some babies will dig right into their cake, spreading icing and crumbs everywhere. Corbin was careful, looking around as if he should be touching it! With some encouragement from mom, dad, and grandma, he munched away with more enthusiasm.

Aaand, we have the attempt at a group shot. One of the newborns started crying, and it was a domino effect from there, on the kids who had been hauled to sit somewhere, suddenly, where there were no toys or food!

Thanks for letting me share in such a special event, your DVD of images will be coming soon.


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