Downtown Calgary Wedding Photographer | Heather & Greg

Looking through these pictures gets me really excited for the Calgary wedding season to start. My first of the year is only a few days away, and I can’t wait to photograph it!

Heather and Greg were a delight to work with, both so happy and easy-going. We took wedding photos all over the city, from the Rundle Ruins to Scotsman’s Hill, to the graffiti behind The Camera Store. Their reception was at the Danish Canadian Club. They both got ready at the same hotel, so I was able to run between the rooms to photograph each of them in their getting ready preparation. It was a great day and such a delight to photograph these two who are so sweet and so in love.

I think Heather is a stunning bride, she has such beautiful blue eyes.

I loved her bouquet, calla lilies and irises, so different!

So cute, just look at these two together!

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