Photography Books

Books are one of my favourite ways to learn. Unlike a class — when you are struggling with something at 2am, trying to figure it out — a book is always at-hand. You can learn at your own pace, bookmark pages, and find things in the index. Books are love, and I was a total bookworm as a kid.

A number of times I’ve personally been asked, or I’ve seen a big call out asking what books are good for photographers, particularly those starting out. Well, here are my top few that I have found invaluable or interesting in the past. It’s like building your own photography course! As long as you can keep up with the reading, of course.

Even if you bought all of these, it’s still a lot cheaper than taking a photography course, or paying tuition (trust me on that one). The Digital Photography book by Scott Kelby is so lovely to read and refer to. Each page is its own photography tip or tecnique. Scott has a knack for fun writing. He also wrote the Lightroom 2 book, which I found to be a tremendously valuable and in-depth reference tool. It’s pretty thick!

Anyway, the six books above are my faves and I can’t recommend enough!