Q Haute Cuisine Calgary Wedding Photos | Rachel & Oliver

This was the second purple themed wedding I got to photograph at Q Haute Cuisine, downtown close to the new Peace Bridge. (See the first here). We were fortunate enough to have a beautiful, clear day, with not much of a breeze and not a single cloud in the sky! We did their portraits before the wedding ceremony, in my old favourite, Confederation Park. While we were there shooting, we stumbled across another wedding ceremony about to take place in the park! As always Confederation is a popular place for wedding photography.

Rachel and Oliver are lovely people and a fantastic couple, I really enjoyed getting to know them better throughout the day. Their families obviously love them very much and are very supportive. Rachel actually got her dress at the famous Kleinfeld in New York — yep, she said Yes To The Dress. At the reception they had a well-frequented purple and white-themed candy bar area set up, with what I believe were gummy sugar plums — the bride and groom will have to confirm that one for me. Whatever they are, I’m ordering some. Yum.

Here are just a very few of the many photos we took throughout their wedding day:

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