Rainy Day Wedding Photos, Fish Creek Park Calgary

Calgary wedding photography can be tricky when you are contending with the changeable weather. A great tip is to be prepared for precipitation: umbrellas, rubber boots, raincoats, and towels (that last one is key). Even if the day appears sunny and nice, follow the classic Girl Guides and Boy Scouts motto and be prepared.

Amanda and Tyler’s wedding was one of my favourites of the year. Amanda thoughtfully brought cute umbrellas and a couple of towels, and the entire bridal party was really great about braving the rain to get some shots after the ceremony. I can’t say how much I appreciate when people grin and bear it in their support of the bride and groom, despite the fact they may be uncomfortable from the wet and cold. Troopers! The bride and groom even pre-scouted spots for some great Calgary wedding photo locations. Who knew we had so many great places around the city? I love when couples find locations in advance that they really like, not only because it means it’s a location they’re happy with, but it exposes me to new areas and lets my creativity go. Plus it makes their photos unique to them. I loved shooting in Fish Creek Park, so this post probably has the most photos I’ve ever blogged in a single entry. I had only been to one area of the park previously, and was underwhelmed. But obviously I had been missing out.

Anyway! Amanda and Tyler are a perfect couple to do photography for, laid back, patient, and up for any of my suggestions. They both laughed and smiled and enjoyed their day — and I truly enjoyed working with them. Here are some of their photos…

Thanks again to both of you, it was an absolute pleasure.


  1. Somehow the rain and umbrellas add a really unique visual twist to the proceedings. Looks like it was an absolutely gorgeous day, despite the weather!

  2. Wow, who would have guessed a rainy day could be so perfect for a wedding? I love everything about this set!

  3. Really lovely images. My favourite is the one of them with the umbrellas laughing and looking at each other. Such a nice moment.

  4. Great Pictures. The use of the Umbrellas and local Calgary landscape in the rainy weather really make the pictures given the rainy weather. Great Work!

  5. The weather was not perfect, but heh…welcome to Calgary, it had no bearing what so ever as the gorgeous couple and the rest of the wedding party made it a day that will never be forgotten.

  6. So beautiful! The pictures really capture the energy of the bridal party. I also love the picture of the red shoes and the bouquet!

  7. Amazing pictures – such a gorgeous couple and the best of friends. Thanks for an incredible day – it was an honor to celebrate the day with you both.

  8. Gorgeous photos – I love the one of Amanda leaning back into Tyler! I love how all the spontaneous moments are captured too. AMAZING!

  9. The photos are so unique and beautiful. It would be so hard to chose a favorite. Absolutly amazing.

  10. One of the nicest weddings I have attended. Such a beautiful couple and the photos certainly capture their happiness and joy.

  11. Absolutely wonderful images. And I thought the weather in the UK was changeable! I shall add a towel to my kit bag from now on – haha!

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