Ryan & Julie | Heritage Park Engagement Photos

In my digital calendar, I set photography events and appointments with the colour red (for Redfern). Looking at my calendar for August, it’s almost filled entirely red! It’s been and continues to be a surprisingly busy month. It’s one of my favourites for photography, though — warm, golden light, and that mellow late-summer feel.

In July I had a lot of engagement sessions for couples whose weddings I will be shooting later on (e-sessions are included in my wedding package). But Ryan and Julie booked me for an engagement session only, which was kind of different for me. But great — I think they’re a wonderful thing for a couple to do. They were able to short-notice-book on an open day I had, and we decided to go to Heritage Park. It was a hot and hazy day from the smoke from forest fires, but Heritage Park has an ice cream shop, so it worked out fine.

Here are a few images as a sneak peek!

Thank you both for a lovely afternoon, Heritage Park was a great choice! Now back to editing…


  1. You sure are a beautiful couple. I love the photos on the rail track and in front of the red building. We are all so excited for your big day!

  2. Your photos are very beautiful I like them all,but I really like the ones in front the the red building and the one with the boat in the back ground
    Love Mom

  3. I couldn’t be any happier for your Julie. I love the black and white on the porch. I will miss you but wish the BEST for you always! What a great story you will have to tell your grandchildren! CONGRATULAIONS

  4. love all the pictures,my favorite is the black and white one and your dad’s favorite is the one infront of the Law office . I wonder why, ha !ha! love to you and Ryan Mom and dad

  5. Great idea for the pics. Although I like them all, black and white one is my favorite with the boat in background one close second.

  6. I especially like these three pics.. The black and white on the varanda, the picture on the railroad track is very cute, and the picture of the engagement ring is very nice.

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