Siobhan & Shawn | Calgary Engagement Photographer

It can be a bit of a challenge to find a location in Calgary this time of year. Springtime comes late to this part of the world, and nothing gets green until late May. So, we chose the Calgary Zoo for Siobhan and Shawn’s engagement photography. I love doing photography there; there’s the lush and green conservatory for some indoor photos with lovely light streaming down from the greenhouse-style glass ceiling. It is pretty hot and humid in there, but it’s easy enough to pop outside for a few shots to cool down (and get back to the dry cold we’re all used to around here). I think the conservatory is a great place for anyone experiencing some winter fatigue to just go and sit on the edge of the fountain. During the right time of day, with the sunshine, bright tropical flowers, fountain, and the heat, you can almost imagine you’re on a mini vacation somewhere warm. They may frown on anyone taking a dip in the fountain’s pool to cool down, however.

These two were lovely and fun to photograph, agreeable to whatever silly things I had them do. Their daughter is as cute as a button and I am looking forward to seeing them again to shoot their wedding, which is just around the corner!

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