Amanda & Jeff Calgary Winter Wedding

Amanda told me that she had always planned on having a winter wedding. And I don’t blame her, they are really beautiful — white snow, festive decorations, what’s not to love? Two days before Christmas we had a lovely, clear, and (fairly) warm winter day in Calgary for this wedding. After the ceremony and reception we went to the nearby Carburn Park for a few outdoor photos. I felt a little guilty bundled up in my blouse, sweater, scarf, coat and gloves while all of the girls were walking around outside in sleeveless dresses — but they stuck it out! Troopers.

The whole day was laid back, fun and mellow. Both Amanda and Jeff are awesome to be around, and were one of the least stressed couples I have ever photographed on their wedding day. Or at least they seemed to be! Amanda was exceptionally organized and prepared, which I always appreciate, and all of her details (like the bouquets, and her necklace) were just perfect. The reception room, which I snuck into to get a few pictures before the ceremony, was stunning. The mirrored tabletops, the clear chairs, and especially the lighting — wow. Anyway, onto a few of the photos from this gorgeous Calgary winter wedding!

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  1. Great photos, Lisa! Loving their reception decor — you took some great detail shots 🙂

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